Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mood Contrails

by John Pursch

Hearty spools of walking canticles flirt with threaded mollification, steering sinusoidal oldies for tentacles of triadic coupes. Leaves implode in data mill worry courts, leaping auxiliary crouton reviewers, residual but tightly renewed. Double landlock spurts at tweed helpings of groping mule carafes, roughing up gleeful entrée parsers for the pardoned cruncher’s tapered flap. Exiting with stogie breath, cubist ballerinas set sail for outlet gale fanatics, loping from sawdust gin joints to bubble-dusted pride cleavers, gorging their newborn appurtenances on gaffer’s filth. Sikhs address a warmed-up gown, erratic and defanged by snoring pupae, stiffly galvanic in ostracized quoit charades. When cobbled neophytes undress the lithosphere’s plump statute, who’ll be left to riff on crumbling gorgonzola wheels, humming to a spaceport’s tawny breastplate? Whether wrongly embalmed municipal fractions meant to garble the lone piano’s hectare with antipodal beef, weed semantics still pertain to bruiser spackle, furiously snuggling with a tire iron’s stormy snail. Wacky vitals can’t endow unrecorded swine, despite androgynous oxide melts. Hydroponic lifters appraise soldered beanstalks, cracking up at civil cordons, blown merrily in pawning craters. Freed electives, harshly panned by reticular donors, grouse at spinal mood contrails, citing dwell times often brandished by munificent coral kazoos. Starched impresarios predate gurney serration by orthotic fortnights, sweetening eustachian boats with crusader tomb infectant, jousting for swanky hulks. Listerine Jell-O fritters wager bile in tiddlywink cremation twill, etching nurtured chain gondolas into a tertiary cider bin. Cursory blandishments emerge from providential fleet coulisse, sounding off for tutelage in brie canards. Gypsies huddle, weeping over choral voles, emitting ashen finger standards before cetacean bolides go blonde. Reptiles haunt emotive twangs, subverting fettered octopi with pilloried talc, exogenous and scantly singed.

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