Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zero Glue

by John Pursch

Wild thoughts encumber mint widgets, spanning trellis fluorescence, whisking carnal enterprise into circular onset shoes, silting up his optical intakes with packaged noise. Emotional birds flicker android musings in clef corn canneries, sluiced with sawed-off electoral lard patrols, rolling smiles and eerie Oreos to gowned guttural creperies. Awnings relapse into mustachioed caprice, flaunting Terran idolatry for idly recumbent flares, feigning dust control. Hammered Teflon wardrooms, malleable as tidal semigroups, void a ballast endive, entering lunge employers via time grass stupas, piloted by elves. Wheels disintegrate, lopping off encyclicals, punting shod ringlets of siren jetty jeans, glowering in plastic air. Searching shadows march in latchkey shoulder slop, earning rippled faucet tears, handsome in another cobweb’s scrutinized mirror. Laughter suits imposing box kite mangers, started into shelved dignity by reason sheets, despite endemic caterpillar shock. Hardcopy harridans immolate impending interruptions, sweeping mites from temporary recluse pits, lodging concentrated bezels in facets of zero glue. Even so, countless feral interludes freak the thread, quashing his concave buzz, wishing heedless crammers were said to be impassive. Cruft carts mend asymptotic lucid wells, founding abstract jabber, inching toroidal commands above a searing fracas. Calmly casting sheltered stockings, seeping nacho factories prime astringent number pumps for duodecimal stamens, roping in quotidian cannibals for toon-town cerebration. Lexical watchmen jimmy closed foamy blue dusk, peering out of cardinal ligand, spying for rupee collapse. Primal arguments simmer occasion struts, gild spawned architects, and coat spurned contactees with cloture counter residue. Fractionated whittlers eradicate extraneous saliva, ogling the pausers, dawdling in a trace of hysteresis. Tree line fleas can’t disavow an inline burble’s mutant snowfall, steering guarded analysts to randomize a vocal skirmish of Molotov slang.

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