Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Will Sing

by S. E. Hart

he will come to me
and lift scars from
my battered body
my calcified heart
my war-torn mind
there will be no more tears
I will shed not another
he will trace poetry
on my skin with his fingertips
track the lines of times
that were once unkind
and re-frame the maimed
with his gentle kisses

I will sing as angels do in heaven
of my freedom from chains
and the bowels and trenches
of once begotten pain
I will be set free
and I will sing
float through the skies and greet
each star with a kiss
press my lips against each one
and then sing, I will sing

and when I return to him
he will embrace me with his
poetic prophecy and insatiable glory
a lifetime of ecstasy set to fire
for I am all that he desires
and for my lover
for him I will sing

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