Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nocturnal Dream

by Ali Znaidi

Nocturnal dream is as rich as bee-bread.
Sweet sensations go through my head.
A “drunken boat”sailing a ravine—
enchanting moments, so serene.

Fathomless like an ocean or desert sands.
A wild horse that freely runs to remote lands.
A panacea for the agitated troubled mind.
Without a dream, life is but hell for the blind.

Nocturnal dream moistens my memory, so dry
It’s like a refreshing rain in the heat of July.
Like smouldering embers in the somber night
nocturnal dream glows and radiates to my delight.

It just tenderly and softly hugs my Muse.
Light, hope, and waterfalls of inspiration fuse.
Though storms submerge the boat of my dream,
Lights in the heart always shine and beam.

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