Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Speeding on Rosh Hashanah

by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Tender pigeons, windowsill
Passengers, worse from dumpster wear
Than all manners of cats’ mentations
Woven into teshuva, sing

Us awake, after
We’ve become hungover,
Praying away the holidays,
Positioning our souls for servile stances,

Hoping Compassion once more
Overrules Judgment,
That The Boss’ Infinite Patience
Brings us jasmine sweetness plus

Life served up family style,
Celestially spun,
Sing-song-like, childishly
Innocent of the cadence of sin.

Hours spent, first tenuously,
Then with earnest, footing
Away differentiated choices
Or other bad habits,

Which carried their wasteful
Accoutrements, their claims to
Famous moments, their stolen
Feelings, fashioned from delusional
Social puppies, too close.

Such propensities for daring do
Don’t often sway past sagacity’s
Gates; mouthed words make
Only lukewarm bedfellows.

Toward a new year, it’s
Necessary to self-inflict
Moral current, good thoughts,
Pious regrets. Speedily.

Angel stardust means
Naught weighed against
The accuser’s puffed up sway.
Rebuilding requires emunah.


Author's Note:
teshuva = repentence
emunah = faith

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  1. I like it. I have a whole collection of "Jewish" poems with no home. Glad to see this one found a place.