Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crime Scene

by Mike Perkins

let us secure the border
the whole thing
with that yellow tape
like you see on television

starting from the East coast
down around to
the Gulf of Mexico
across the Mexican border
up the West coast
across Canada
back to the East coast
squaring the circle of shame

we need to gather evidence
take statements
investigate thoroughly
expose the truth
that has been
conveniently forgotten
ignored and denied

someone needs
to take responsibility
to be held accountable
there are questions
to be answered

the questions:

who has been paid off?
what happened to our prosperity?
when will democracy return?
where are our freedoms?
how will our good name be restored?


we the people
of the United States
declare this nation
a crime scene
and demand justice
rather than pollutants
avarice, rancor
high hubris,
and low morals

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