Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aisle 60

by Korey Brownstein
Aisle 1: music plays a pas de deux
   I miss my lady
Aisle 2: a gentleman’s Spoken Résumé
      the internet dies
Aisle 3: divorce your family
   where do I sign?
Aisle 5: a beau monde for gentlewomen
     the cheddars gasp
Aisle 7: maps of megalopolises
      where is ChiPitts?
Aisle 11: fresh Bhut Jolokia
   have it on the rocks
Aisle 13: meat and poetry
      I taste The Peacock
Aisle 17: the eunuch searches for his missing piece
      that damn Shaunnigan
Aisle 19: cars dressed in dew from the past
   let the sun wash it away
Aisle 23: a cure for borborygmus
     the cwm without a crwth
Aisle 29: the widowed man paints a new coat
      she is in love with the stain
Aisle 31: the lover of politicians
      a virgin cloth collects her tears
Aisle 37: materials for a bien-pesant
   society will provide a discount
Aisle 41: the sex-crazed Sarvajna
      why is the woman I love hiding?
Aisle 43: the six-mile man runs into the arms of rejection
      his talking shoes return laughing
Aisle 47: the dancing queens sing
      “I like you just the way you are!”
Aisle 53: the imprisoned nametag
      what sort of crimes did it commit?
Aisle 59: the city drains
      another train drinks and flies away
Aisle 60: the hermetic place
      no one shops here


  1. Very avant garde--I like it a lot!

  2. Nice pun, Gordon.

    Yes, this piece is definitely from the Modernist School. I'd be interested tin finding out more about both poet and poem.