Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Only Can Tell You

by Darryl Price

your irises are more
to me than any of these early hills,like slow-
motion sea flowers bound to leisurely happen,
and out pops the ready
to eat sun to make the
whole world come alive with new possibilities
again. What pours forth then on all else around here

from that simple beginning
is every first beginning
for me from the colors of trees to the dull
winds brightening themselves like paper against the
whirl of each shimmering
ghost as it glides on by.
Your gaze alone seems to give them their freedom to
continue to present change and growth throughout the

courageous hours. I don't
want you to think that that
means you are in charge of their solitary meanings.
It only gives them an extra amount of
this morning's fine residual
pearl of green (cleared
to go) fuel they'll ever need to blow off on their
own into the mysterious worlds everywhere.

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