Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Comeback Kid

by Alison L. Peoples

I saw Jesus
walking along the side of the road
looking for the answer
to his prayer.

He was collecting bottles
and cans
and, as any man,
He wept deep inside.

I saw Jesus
waiting at a bus stop
waiting for his salvation
to arrive.

He was huddled beneath
the metal and plexiglass box
that protected the uncomfortable bench--
the rest felt good.

I saw Jesus
digging through a trashcan
for the promise of
a fine meal.

It seemed a shame
that He could not share
this loaf of bread
with the many other hungry.

I saw Jesus crying
because no one noticed
that he wore no shoes
on his well-travelled feet.

I saw that Jesus has a MySpace
trying to make a comeback
through social media

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