Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Profile

by Sarah Gamutan

I am really not confident
Seeing my life in this mess-
Being such a loner and a very
Small person in a very big world.

Why? I then asked myself, too.
It is really saddening, it is really
Disheartening. I just really
Can't find an exact profile for

Myself. It is funny and it is
Making me cry. Why?
I then asked myself, too.
When I am asked whether
I have a lover or

Not, it makes me stare
Blankly at the floor-
FOREVER. It makes me cry.
Hundreds of million of times.

I switch profiles -single.
Tomorrow, my status is " in
A relationship". The next day,
I am again single. When a chat

Session comes in, I go offline
IMMEDIATELY! "This is horrible",
I told myself. I immediately packed

My things and went out of
The house. They were all screaming.
"Where are you going, Sarah? ",
Cried my very pathetic mom.

I turned back. We were all crying.
I am sorry, ma. If this child in my womb
Is neglected by my progenitors,

I would better leave and give this
Creation a happier life. I will do
My best to give him a good generation-

With no more sorrows. No more tears.
No more heartbreak- making sure
He doesn't have a broken home.

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