Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The City

by Douglas Polk

people and buildings in every direction,
cars dance to the beat of the lights,
pedestrians wrapped up in themselves,
race on the city sidewalks,
a thundering mass,
of isolated cells,
lives intersect but never connect,
the city a solar system,
with planets and stars,
orderly moving though space and time,
asteroids undisciplined,
less orderly,
sometimes collide,
the city the same as the universe,
makes me feel small,
creates doubts in my mind,
that God's Hands are on this all,
this mass of dreams and humanity,
the mind can not grasp a love this complete,
a love that strong,
unimaginable how tiring it must be,
to love a city,
full of streets.

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