Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tea Box Quartets

by John Pursch

Outa timid pyramidal tautologies come buxom bauxite saleswomen, freely reeling off pidgin pie dunderhead expediency’s puerile cuneiform wavefronts in spherical trigonometric cascades of cauliflower entropy. 

Passing ossified retractions with qualified plumb line approbation, nurses of the 52nd Gunnery Chapel filch swordfish saturation manuals from Company Q’s headwater giblet weekend retweet, mingling tweezers with tumbleweed insecticide arrival clots, sorted hourly into secondhand stools. 

I’ve adhered to homespun depravity’s cyclonic sidelines, sensing naked cigarette confusion sap in fully flown deportation blurbs of syntactic warrior sheaves, penning paltry gallows whinnies when hoarse chowder parts sigh separately, relaxing into Bermuda tide lunge clinging motions. 

Just as issues of a backbeat cylinder inure us to calendars in hypostatic leering’s grueling release point, dashed hermaphrodites appeal to lexicography’s swollen penchant for tomfoolery and uncool familial gratings, pining to be leafy. 

Treachery wonders whenever scotched patrimony affiliates defy enunciated smooches with pickles on eponymous epoxy ladders, repelling down gristle mote fall away chompers. 

Abased extras vaguely memorize pedestal linguini siren crill, peopling thrilled jock straps with stomach crumpets, tea box quartets, and socially self-similar suffusion prints in quasi-periodic nascence. 

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