Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For a Lady

by David Mac

Lady Death been kissing me
all night long
Lady Death don’t like me
She says don’t sing
that song
But Lady Death come round
yeah come round, do
Lady Death been keeping her
ring on the side
her eyes on the side
her teeth in a glass
Lady Death farts
all night long
keeps me awake
Lady Death don’t want me to
go to work
Lady Death want me to
stay in bed
breakfast in bed
wants to brush her hair in the mirror
Lady Death wants to
stay inside today
Lady Death wants to
watch television
Lady Death don’t you know it’s
blue sky
Bah she says
Lady Death don’t you hear the
blue birds?
So what? she says
Lady Death stretches out
lights another cigarette
looks at me
and smiles
Sometimes I even smile back
But I can’t be sure

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