Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Big Ears

by Colin Beardshall

Everyone called him Big Ears, a fitting appellation
Not that his actual ears were big.  You never saw
Them under the large joke shop ears that he wore
Whenever he was out and about.  You’d see him

In the railway station or waiting for a tram
On West Street.  He’d be at the other side of the road
Looking like a startled deer.  You’d wonder if he had
The wherewithal to make it across the street.  And he had.

He was not concerned that people looked at him
And pointed him out to their friends or little ones.
He was in a world of his own and in his world you
Went about your daily business wearing joke shop ears.

I heard him mentioned on the radio once, a famous
Local celebrity had seen him in the station and thought it
Good conversation to mention the guy with the big, plastic,
Joke shop ears.  I left Sheffield and have never seen

Big Ears since, even though I have been back many times.
I wonder if he has moved on to joke shop teeth or perhaps
A monster hand?  Whatever he is doing now, I admire him
Because who among us would wear joke shop ears

While conducting our day to day business?

I’ll stick to my big red nose.

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