Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 1, 2013


by Will Monigold

You see it there
Lying on the floor?
It’s been used
and bruised and at times
smashed into tiny pieces.
It’s possibly beyond rescue
But maybe you can do
Something with it.
It may be that the earth is flat.
I can’t see beyond the horizon.
That must mean something.
I know the physics of it
I’ve accepted the equations
I’ve even worked them through.
It all means nothing
If you refuse to believe.
The night is particularly desolate.
There is little comfort in the knowledge
That the stars are furies
Rendering the sky miraculous
Because they haven’t been through
The cataclysm of my pain.
So you see that heart?
The one on the floor.
It may be of no use
To anyone.

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