Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Days Ago City

by John Pursch

Millions swim the Gulf of Days Ago, fleeing Nerd Americo, Belief, Hell’s Salvation Door, Rusty Chicas, Naked Agua, Houndherass, Gaudymauler, itchy mass of Manypaws… Booming time-reversal trade clogs Days Ago City, thriving on nostalgia kicks in best lay heyday surefire peak payola centerfold of endless slumber bliss machine to bend the rules and stay forever. Retroactive looping binds the overclockers into blackened market bungee jump from lockstep marching slavery to pristine hours of boss-man interlude to gilded haze and back in damping oscillation’s penultimate retrieval, landing beaten sweaty slack elastic timeout cord, sore joints memorizing cellular detachment’s puny wage, addicted false revival pegging expedited past. Slumberers plunge deeper into brothel hideout strata, whence they tunnel back before authoritative reach machines dissolve in thump of stranded ante-bellum shack or rusty carcass dumpster, auguring essential iron playback; not your bestial holiday trapdoor synchrony encounter aging friends full circle. Busted at bottom of visa-jump temporal stack by drunken Federales, grimy sooty filter nodding off on barstool start awake in spurious Asstech mining town dreaming corn god ritual dig by hand trembling in pyramidal consequence of prices paid in chunky waves of flesh escapee territorial brigade charade chop shop soothing beating clockwise counting contrail cries resounding entrails corridors of stellar heart cake thumbtack whereabouts collapse in hydrophilic shoes abasement flooring boxcar breath of Days Again ad infinitum.

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