Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ken Van Koevering

by Michael Cluff                              

From the latest
unremembered, unimportant war,
Ken is stationed on Second and Tonto Bar Lane
the only one
he willingly will bet,
who, around these parts,
is aware Kuwait, is, yes,
a step away from Iraq
by geography,
but in importance overall,
universes apart
with the span growing forever
by the second.

Time advances
memory reverses.

His  heart is not hevaier
than the lead left
in his left leg
but both would be better
not bitter
if only.....

the right operations
were done in their proper moments.

And he feels
even spoiled menudo
tastes fine
compared to the aftermath  in his throat
and still accessible soul....
The Gulf War
and America,
have left behind in him.

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