Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, September 1, 2013

metaphor of what?

by Ross Vassilev

the head rests on the forearm
the head is limp and mostly empty
awash in morbidity
contemplating the emptiness of the cosmos
or at least this corner of it
the head curses Bulgarians
and people
remembering the screaming
the insanity
the loneliness and despair
remembering marianne faithfull
and her sweet voice as
the head is reborn each morning
only to die slowly during the course
of the day
the head repeats silently to itself
namu amida buddha
namu amida buddha
namu amida buddha
the Pure Land is the place full of sun
where the trees always sway in the wind
and maybe that's
the only place there is.


  1. This poem pulled me out of my haunted doldrums and made me happy for the internet. Thanks for the poem. Joseph Hargraves