Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, September 26, 2013


by Sherry Steiner

Be it French or Swahili the language of the dance was a mystery to Etienne. Symbols arranged in space, pure elemental patterns insignificantly sweeping overhead gave rise to the postulation of the ridiculous. But not to worry as the graphic passages verbalized strict content commands that would oversee elements in total control of the moment. The next day 6 mechanics dressed as marine merchants casually strolled down the pier with a monkey wrench in one hand and an anchor in the other. Pierre shuddered. How could this be? To pinpoint a moment, to make sense of a leap without the frog - nitpicking grammarians threw up their hands in dismay at the sight of the 6 paraphrasing cross shutter assemblies. Nineteenth century semblance of realism contributed to brilliant re-organization of amateur vacations on the Riviera. Etienne was stumped. In high fashion the blinding whiteness resulted in a silent blackness...

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