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Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why Am I To Desire

by Shameer Aboobacker

“Maktub” be it called ,what it is
Let me tell you; It is the wondrous
thing which the Almighty decides
Also all shall be given an immense power which it is
Laid , which opens Master lock That's why you are to desire

Everything we care shall be gone in
one single fraction, But also may I tell
have a soul were none competes
filled with gratitude together with the
Key and attitude of gratitude I ask, why may not one desire

You may desire or not but the sun shall rise
and the earth shall spin. But together with
it never just study knowledge; the key I
pay for success is simple Knowledge you
learn change to wisdom and that what makes your desire

You shall risk it all when you desire
you may think but desire is bond which makes what
you have more stronger, not just desire says the Prophet Yeshua
Your belief and fate shall save; Trust your Belief and harness Faith; hunt
Your Wildest dream and that’s how you are to desire.

God he asks You gave me power to desire
I failed which I lost the count of; Learnt more
what I ever more capable Risked It all
for my Dreams. Thus he asks Devil. Wise man
says whatever I strive for was worth I Gained Better than one who ain't desire.


  1. Hope is the reason why people chase their dreams... Its the basic nature of mankind to go after what they desire.. It takes a greater power to not have desire in anything.. just sayin :)

  2. i suggest it because its better than one who ain't go behind their dreams

  3. I like "Hunt your wildest dream and that's how you are to desire"
    Well done shameer!! - Sarath

  4. Good choice of words, skilfully crafted into perfection! But, you should desire to write more such ;) ;)-- Anula

  5. Hey Shameer, I love this verse:
    "You may desire or not but the sun shall rise
    and the earth shall spin". Nice to keep in mind that, no matter what happens in life.... life will still go on *-*

  6. Desire is what keeps an individual living . I like the topic that you have picked shameer, i liked that hunt your wildest dream. . . Keep writing. . . Tc. - shilpa