Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It was an unfamiliar day

by Tom Hatch

He had to get in early
Went to a neighboring town's
Train station that had earlier options
The trees high across
The tracks reminded him
Of his childhood in
LA. they resembled
Eucalyptus trees
The sun was dry like
So Cal but he was in So No Ct.
The light reflecting off
The burnished tracks and
Many sun glasses
That he felt were
Staring at him
Popping up from button
Down collars
He thought that was why
People wore dark glasses
So that they can stare no need
For self conscious blinking
To moisten dry eyes
He sat in a backwards facing seat on
The moving train he
Hated the way
The passing power
Lines out the window unspooled like
Playing a big fish
That will never
Be caught

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