Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Teflon Spray Filet

by John Pursch

Strafed by forking process servers, Jacuzzi clams erupt in coyly preternatural jalopy exhaust, carbonizing suburban tracts in cello strings and ham hock extrusion bilge, smothering half the slack-jawed citizens in excuse-machine offal. Peacetime lung sauce disappears, dribbling down heels of daytime soap au pairs, leafing through periwinkle dust rags of daft tectonic codgers, fleecing noumenal connivances for underage totem piles. Settling in woodland marshes of plural retraction organs, confabulation dice dissolve in toolbox shriveling quotas, flashing quasi-opulent decibel creeds. Flouting asymmetric plausibility, coonskin chaff devours a waggish stampeder, selling clay pot derbies to cattle constrictors, flipping through appendix motes for pseudo-viral recompense. Globs of fleshy strudel inch through telepathic eateries, blending binders with anthill locomotion torque, shrink-wrapping young thighs for immediate take-out urchins. Feisty doormats blink away a pauperizing viscid slush, flecked with tonsil destruction broth, glazed in haven chariot ire. Calamity clones impel arranged tariffs to tax tuxedo turtles, shucking centennial rotation pellets from nonplussed vagabonds down mannequin gateways, trained to cry in pumping house shoes. Brunch explodes through hocked pajama filters, breaching anklet barriers, drowning cuspidor salesmen in tobacco chaw revival, funneling cortex blahs to gorgon donors, gargling aortic mandibles with brooding whiners of catchy regulator bubble tunes. Torso conversion kits reach plumb line obsolescence, seeping greenish gas from hollow synaptic locales, drooling styrene cochlear gruel. High on frozen kite debris, ionic romantics glide blissfully to lubricated stairwell tripe, bashful in their disembodied rodeo horns, crafting automotive G-string portents, ominously coping with intermittent porpoise tees. They only moo at placid caterers, tie themselves to gleeful notaries with public golf mache, resting lassoed and entranced between carbolic bleaters, specious and hermaphroditic. Hooked on time-bath sheets of fully leashed recursive wander, Teflon spray filet immerses self in livid inklings, tossing back tequila swarms with gut-shot trailer burns, encircling parietal daydreams.

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