Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, August 29, 2013


by Linda M. Crate

roots grow and grow, unheeding of unhinging cement blocks or toppling over flower pots. so does my love always outward reach and reach until it pushes distance between me and those that i once loved. i am unable to stop this love. it flourishes like a moth to the light, like a creek imbibed with rain, like stars bursting with an ethereal glow. i wish i didn't care so much. it only seems to cut me on the blade, not them. they never seem to cry as hard as i do, salt the ocean with the same pain as i do. the ocean loves to erode me into a harpy, make me screech love songs to the moon. tonight is different. because of yesterday i can only romance one, and though he's turned from me, there is no distance that i won't knock out of my path. yesterday i was terrified, but today i am strong enough to break every fortress of rocks and mountains standing in my way. i will not be defeated, i will defeat.

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