Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, August 25, 2013

diamonds are liars

by Linda M. Crate

diamonds are liars. they are not best friends. only rocks. if i wanted a rock then i could tear one from the sculptures of men medusa has turned to stone. i don't need rocks. not unless i'm throwing them through glass castles. hypocrisy is so alive that truth has turned her head away in shame. they don't serve any purpose. they only glitter. shimmering smiles of sunshine upon the lake, that is what i want to wear upon my soul. what need do i have for rocks? they only sink. i want to rise like a current and fall and rise again to know the feeling of normalcy. i aspire to reach for heights taller than the stilts of the highest tree. some day diamonds will be buried beneath the sea, but me i will be flying with the ribbons of clouds hung in the sky. 

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