Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Suitcase Calm

by John Pursch

Escape clothes fragment into dishrag pelts, solder comely headwaiters to inlet mews, and vilify ascending actuaries, plowing electrons instead. Gaffers quilt achy murals deep inside a turtle’s paraffin warehouse, tucking hat check moguls into proxy wigs. Bouffant goggles untie naked farm arrestors, morphing quaintly into residential laminates, guarded by greasepaint shallows. Lather frosts a cackling plutocrat’s indulgent steamboat craw, sulking inches beneath a chalky moped dial, measured by parsimonious carotid feeders. Upstart catamarans plunge rococo smirks along cinnamon backstraps, cajoling slivers of dollop sewage from perfunctory grouse, stifling an orthopedic mastodon’s wily cloaking pigeon. Gamma capers cower in owl repeater breath, hock up prestidigitation, and dignify myopic turncoats within severed poplars. Tomes sear righteous musical prongs, imitate ballistic cliques, stump collective crawdad unction, and putrefy immobile celery mints. Revelatory virility goes larval in piecemeal evening gowns, draining crown control, formulating herbivorous peat. Official twirls gloss carnauba domes, insensate and peremptorily filial, revered in shattered Pentecostal blotter haze. Foosball watches trickle couched tramlines for seasonal peril, adorning hermetic euphony in cantilevered systemic goo. Seahorses extort mutated cellos from ovulating vulpine terriers, micturate on yeti mockers, and plaster periscope entrails between radiator fins, capsized in spawned vermouth. Glucose seals pejorative gyrations of nimbus quirks, falling through bile duct billows before bellicose brainiacs belittle bottled felt. Jungles erupt in castigated swordfish retinas, squinting past lying deer, haunting suburban manatees with vestibules painted by sidewinders on parole from beard races gone hypnotic. Mingling in dorsal mentation, calliope scones refit incessant glyphs with credulous trappings of choral benevolence. Checkerboard bicycle pumps regulate diurnal waistbands, offered in faded disregard, ignoble after pinnacle treason. Thirsty rebound mechanics adjourn a thinking praline below dovetailed mockeries of justice, lining statistical hammocks with oiled eels. Tufa emission heirs wince at bottled Chapstick gills, authorize semantic inklings, and dash through dilapidated plazas. Traditional minutiae typify dusky remembrance, trained to ritualize a catch, cloaked beyond perspective seizures. Memorized asunder, phases visit apple utterance skew, eased from flattened suitcase calm. 

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