Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Still I love you….

by Nalini Srivastava

It is so hot and sweaty,
Not a cool moment to relax.
For months this heat will last,
No time to have fun out in the sun.
Still I love the sunshine in smile of natives here,
Even strangers flash their pearly whites at you.
The drivers guide you in finding the locales
Shopkeepers treat you with respect.
Best comfort comes with the common folk
Who do not forget the little courtesies.
May be they are uncouth,
But only in worldly appearances,
They are the first ones to extend
Rough, messy but gentle comforting hands.
I love you my home land,
I am a proud connatural Lucknowite.


  1. for readers-Lucknow is my city,a city where I was born n brought is in India