Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Leaning Against A Cyclone Fence/Mid Summer

by Susan Winecki

A Saturday morning stroll.  I stumble upon a pack of teenage girls, shooting baskets on a nearby playground.  Drawn by their shining bodies moving over steaming cement like shooting stars across a breath-stopped night, I lean against the cyclone fence and watch.  Transfixed by tangled, mist-covered limbs, arms, hands bobbing up an down like buoys on a windy sea, I stay.  I stay for the smacking of overheated flesh making contact with its own kind.  I stay for the grace and grit of these holy innocents who still know freedom and fairness.  Those firm bodied teenage girls were love-filled, beauty-filled, wild-filled.  Steam rose, sweat dripped from them into tiny cracks on the cement floor.  The earth claimed these unfolding lionesses as their fast-moving limbs moved in concert with one another – reaching, squatting, falling, landing, twisting, arching, pivoting, soaring.  I stay for that and pray that they will never stop warming the air around them, setting fires on sun parched playgrounds, breathing with a vengeance. 

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