Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, June 16, 2013


by John Hatch and Tom Hatch

Apologies for my vagueness.
Sometimes I reply whilst driving
and other times I don’t read
all the way through when replying.
On the houses: A couple of weeks ago
I looked at two houses with him (the old man)
One was probably built in the fifties
and had a two story an add-on
The garage was a one car garage
which they made into a pull through
carport with a two car garage built behind it
The two car garage had a room above it
The 2nd floor of the house was an add-on
and the second floor of the garage
were connected with a deck
It was a cool house
He said it had plenty of room
To display all of his displayables
The 2nd house we looked at was built in 1963
It was a one story, but did have a room
added above the garage
It was a nice home with lots of space
and yard and extras.
My suggestion to him was the
1950’s house if it was sound
He made an offer, had it inspected
The inspection showed more stuff
than he wanted to deal with,
and he realized the stairs were
too much for him too. He backed out.
We looked at the 2nd house again today
I looked closer at everything
The roof over the garage had
a bit of a dip too it, but I walk around
on it and even jumped up and down on it
It seems solid. That was the only issue I could see
I have a good friend who is
a contractor who would come
look at it if the old man wanted him to
He just called and told me
he’s probably going to put an offer on it
about $16,000 less than the asking price.
Anyway he might buy this house
might not
I’m not going to push him
but I will look at more houses with him.
He will be 88 this year if this keeps
Him going I'm good with that.

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  1. Everything you do with dad is appreciated. every day is so long and so short, living in the present with a long yesterday. Being together is what matters. I miss my dad so much today.