Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sculpture and a Sable Brush

by Tom Hatch

He laid the rusted machine
and boat parts alongside each other
turning back in and on itself then out
branching off many streams to lakes
of interesting sculptured places of rust
resting and solitude up then down
all red, brown found as a
treasure trove along the shore
of the Kennebec about a
half mile up river from the famous ship building
yard its crane a mega reaching to heaven
high above protects  the little town
a giant it is reaches back into our history
My son the sculptor working feverish
into dusking day a gentle breeze
off the river soothing water swirling
around the wooden pilings
painted purple sky the lights on the
bridge getting sharper as the soft
sable brush is finishing off the day
almost night sitting drinking Coca Cola
on the edge of a concrete dock
talk and laughter in the distance
traveling on the wind
what a perfect end of today
The soft sable brush paints a magician’s cloak
around the sculpture
disappearing into dark night

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