Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Unexpected Surprise
Bay St. Louis June 1991

by Michael Cluff

 "Salt water and hemorrhoids
 do not go gentle together,"
 Uncle Tim declared
 from the couch
 in his old man Bermuda shorts
 and brown loafers
 while Auntie Mary tsked tsked
 that the current beach wear
 made the girls look too tender and easy.
 Cousin Clarence agreed intensely
 from behind the fish tank
 containing guppies, mollies
 and tetras of a neon sort.

 Sister Teri and Stepbrother Dennis and I
 would not listen at all
 but returned too sunburned
 later that coiled early vacation day
 to tell about the baby
 about  an eighth or so our ages
 found slightly mildewed
 on the midway
 towards the east long side
 of the bay.

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