Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Meeting

by Peter Franklin

Larry’s phone rings
Three times, and he
Answers it twice. The Usual
Arrive late, mumbling excuses that
We’ve all heard before.
Mindy keeps asking questions,
And I’ve broken a nail.
Why do we need to meet
When a simple email will do?
Time is dripping down the walls,
Egg yolk in slow, tired
Rivulets onto the floor.
But that is not what time is supposed to do!
Fly away!
Soar up into the heavens,
Wrap your seconds and minutes around
The stars…make me believe in grander things.
Let me dream!
Don’t tie me down to droning
Earthly pursuits…because my feet
Now feel heavy, and my mind is oozing
Into gravy nothingness.
I can’t even look at you now,
All out of focus.

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