Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sculpting a Day from Yesterday

by Tom Hatch

Given a chisel and
A dark morning carve out
A day not a tomorrow
Stone chips and dust
From yesterday's mistakes
And misfortune on the floor my
Beret tilted optimism
Tasseled green looking
Over the carved shoulder of white
Alabaster, Thassos crystals in the air
The curved nap of neck dawn
A torso morning mounting light
Refinement on a polished
Thigh from knee the chisel
Kissed a navel weeks ago
Enjoying again today
Trying to carve a sigh before noon
Ignoring other white cubics of the same for
Future tomorrows
Concentrating with eyes and hands
The breath of every moment
Carving a nose for evening
Finishing with the mouth
To sniff the wine and sip the days nectar

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