Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Drab Looking Female (A Fox & A Weasel Conversation)

by Paul Tristram

The Fox sidled up to the Weasel
who was casually smoking a Woodbine
whilst leaning back coolly upon a fence.
Nodded at a brown and black speckled
female Pheasant scraping coyly at the grass
of the field not 10ft away and inquired
“Is that the only action about this evening?
I remember when this place used to be banging,
Chicks and Bunnies packed hedgerow to hedgerow
and only a short few seasons back too!”
“Aye!” Replied the Weasel, re-adjusting his flat cap
“I remember and miss those days gone well enough,
This place has gone to the Dogs, I tell thee, to the Dogs!”
“Well, I shall leave this one to you, first come and all that!”
Exclaimed the Fox replacing his hip flask
back inside his tweed hunting coat.
Then tapping his walking cane thrice
along the third rung of the wooden fence
He sprang left on down the hillside
towards the Barn Owl’s ‘Midnight Moonshine Tavern.’

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