Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Poetik des Wassers or water musings
for the soul of Christian Ide Hintze

by Ali Znaidi

because Wasser ist auch eine Muse
because Wasser ist auch ein Körper, fathomless
experimenting w/ water is such a tempting experience
akin to experimenting w/ Sapphic stanzas, (though
loquacious ripples in the swimming pool
                  rinse our body limitations/
wet papers sip watery ink (mythology inhaled
                           to the marrow)
but how tiresome to decipher that message
written in eldritch emoticons by a one-eyed pirate
                            centuries ago
but what you consider a hieroglyph is not a hieroglyph,
                                but clairvoyance
& as the murmurs of water lick your weary ears,
it becomes evident that what you are hearing are not
murmurs, but Sappho’s sheer melodies, bewitching
& when you sweat, Sappho’s feeble breeze will be
a ventilator for your overheated brain’s hard disk
so don’t worry & just continue your ruminations through
the three-dimensional water’s pr[isms],
& what is poetry if not swaying words struggling through
the drunken oceans
there is a thought, and then it is adrift, and then it is adrift
                  ||depth in the form of a surface||
& because the sole foe of poetry is the anchor
         ||the intake of water = the ecstasy of poetry||
& because water touches everything, & because
each sip is a sap/ it is why we like to sop our tongues into it,
suckling on the swimming words clutching at Sappho’s
                                                                          wet hair
a drop of water/an imaginative flake/a mantle for dreams
there is imagination in a ripple/trying to regain its lost
rhetoric like a little hummingbird at the edge of a lake
dipping its beak into the heart of the unknown =
trembling undulations of the water continuum/
      undulations of the palpitating heart
water is a bearer of everything, especially the unknown
& because this everything is a redundancy
nobody is aware of it & redundancy is a sin, except
the discovery of what is latent between the waves
while sweat grains are oozing more and more
from the pores—a discovery fever
& wisdom is dripping (drop by drop)
from Sappho’s wet hair—eloquent lines w/out words

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