Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, March 31, 2013


by Tom Hatch

The sky was the blue nephew
Under the carrot orange morning
Aunt, the pink candy egg niece,
The chocolate bunny uncle white
Frosting eye
The jelly bean babies crying
Sugar drops, cousins are many
Cream filling red, yellow,
Shallow pastels
Another uncle we missed at Christmas
He is still a head down candy cane
Always out of place a twist red and green
The distant aunt plastic robins blue egg
Filled with rum or scotch
The blue nephew turns grey
The carrot orange aunt is
Feeling the crunchy bites
The chocolate bunny uncle
Cracks and is hollow
The cousins cream filling
Is sticky under foot of fading
Pink niece egg
The distant aunt and I sit
In the afternoon corner she is drinking rye
A bloody Mary in my hand
Then the grey nephew that was blue
Turns this gathering into
A bunny monster hurricane day
Blowing us to Thanksgiving where
We all become turkey, mash potatoes,
And stuffing, someone with a crooked smile
Creamed turnips that I hate

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