Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twenty Seconds with God

by Taufiq bin Abdul Khalid,

One - and I am undone,
Two - then I thought of You,
Three - I said that wanted to be free,
Four - so You showed me the door,
Five - I was born and I am alive,
Six - I was fooled by my ego's many tricks,
Seven - So I turn to You, yearning for heaven,
Eight - Wishing o' Lord that I was dead,
Nine - And You answered, "You will return to Me when it is time.."
Ten - To which I reply, "O' Lord... But when?"

One - "When the moth returns to the Sun."
Two - "When you cease to think only of you."
Three - "When you stop climbing the money tree."
Four - "When you come knocking on My door."
Five - "When you find the Prophet's honey in his bee hive."
Six - "When you can fast weeks upon weeks."
Seven - "When you look for Me and not My heaven."
Eight - "When you serve the living and honour the dead."
Nine - "When you learn to be kind..."
Ten - "...And remember Me in any circumstance."

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