Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hand-Powered Ventilators

by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Hand-powered ventilators, like so many geese chased from corporate lawns, or
Comparable to planograms’ incipient arguments for placing housewares near hosiery,
Seem to exist for purposes suiting the parvenu best.

City parks, chess sets, sandboxes, feral dogs, share contentions, plus lice. Otherwise
They occupy crossing guards, eyes fixed on whirling lights, least lucidity interrupt clerks’
Orders of eschbeche alongside “Freedom Fries.”

Sibilant law makers frequent bondage appointments, act insane when named, whine
For hot spots’ provision of antimony runcibles, horns borrowed from goats, also tails
Used to dress down rascals intent on taking money from the critically ill.

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