Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gum Chewing Not Allowed

by Annmarie Lockhart

I don't like gum chewing
you said
Yeah, well I don't like
being overlooked
I replied

We pondered these
limitations, wondered
what they meant

I will make you feel safe
you said
Yes, and I will make
you feel strong
I replied

And so negotiations began
and preliminary terms
were struck

I added
a monitoring clause
that wouldn't pass review

and the unseasonable storm
wound down, sunshine through snow
flakes, light, heat, bed, bear

and I wondered why any woman
would ever consent to a man
who didn't love her hair


  1. I figured, "Just so long as he didn't put gum in it," by the time I got to the end. Then I got back to the beginning in my re-read and was reminded the guy doesn't like gum-chewing. Stray thoughts, I suppose.

  2. Stray thoughts lead to the best responsive poetry ... just saying ...

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