Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 5, 2012

After the Fall

by Sarah E. White

My own personal apocalypse
Losing all power
All control that I thought I had
Metaphorically and physically
My mind and my reality
Colliding in perfect unison
Dancing dangerously close to crazy
Spinning like a top
Twirling off this hard wooden table
Spinning into a collision carefully predetermined long ago
By someone other than me
I have watched my life, like that top
Shoot off sideways
I never really realized that the table was that tall
Or that the distance to the floor was that great
I am now mesmerized by the reality that I am about to collide with
My own aching truth
Stunned like that deer in those damn headlights
Then the crash
Then what?
What comes after that?
So I start to wonder as I lazily plummet
Is there anything after this fall?
Could this really be the ultimate of ends?
I hope for a new beginning
I hope, as I fall
As I spin straight off the edge
Straight off the end
Cataclysm or clarity await

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