Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

About The Joint

This space is inspired by The Muse of Crete, who demands, "Write for your life, for me, of thoughts unnamed, words not grasped, sing secrets of life and death and in between stillness all of frenzy, love and truth, that we can breathe together and never die."

The Saloon is named in honor of the dromedary who told Matthew, "The gate is small, and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it."

A certain Persian, the Son of Rahim, has more to do with this than can be expressed with ordinary words.

The Camel Saloon is operated by Russell Streur, a born-again dissident and a resident of Johns Creek Georgia.

Photograph by Jennifer Thomas


You the light
First light
Last light
Light inside of light.

You the light
The wave and vein of sun
The grain of sand
The river of light
The sacred sun within the changing star
Perfect blossom
Muse of many names
Taker of breath.

You the light
The rising sun
Woman spinning
The spill and flood of light
Noah’s dove
The bird of sun
Heart of light
The seeding sun

You the light
The waxing moon
The wild plums
The diamond sun
The shaping wood
The tree of light
The buried root
The psalm of sun
The shining fish
The salmon run
The bloom and wave of light
The tongue of light
The light turned on
Light and only light.

You the light
The light
The sun between your eyes.

You the light
The light
The sun between your lips.

You the light
The light
The sun between your legs.

You the light
The Laughing Girl
Muse of many names

Demeter del Tesoro:
Beloved One.