Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


by Marchell Dyon

She is a daughter of Eve
She has no need of God

She is rebellious as she is head strong
Even when she was a child she thought this way

As a child she searched her grandmother’s garden
For the perfect peach that would give

Her wisdom beyond her years
After finding it she knew she held the world in her hands

She set her sails on getting university degrees
Instead of cumulating babies

When old age rattled her bones she would not be conquered
She would not bow her head to death’s cold sword

She would become a living flame
Tossed across the night sky

A goddess to look up to
A way for other girls to follow

To find the fruit she circled the globe
Unlike Eve

She would find the golden pear
That would make her immortal

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