Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, June 14, 2015

for Peter Street

by Laura Kaminski

Small, soft-shelled thing
still encased in a pale
leather orb -- the moon

looks just like you do,
mostly round.
The dunes are filled

with hungry monsters
gathered in anticipation
of your hatching.

When you come out onto
the sand, don't dawdle.

Turn immediately
to find the greater egg
of safety, make

a straight-line furrow
toward the moon's
reflection in the sea.

Don't waste time on
fearful dodging of their
vicious claws -- just

scramble, stretch each
flipper to put the beach
behind you,

fix your gaze on that
bright glow
beyond the froth.

When you emerge, you'll
have no time to be

Some stories will
be lost
before the sunrise.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading, Tony. Peter Street has been an inspiration, a source of wisdom, and a compassionate, thoughtful friend. I wanted to find a way to thank in kind.

  2. Wonderful poem. Couldn't help smiling at the idea of Peter being 'mostly round'. A lot of warmth here for an extraordinary and lovely man - and a great poet.

    1. Thank you. He is indeed "an extraordinary and lovely man - and a great poet." I'm glad you feel the poem suits.