Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, March 9, 2014


by Bradford Middleton

It all went wrong with just one stupid status update
With some licks at my keys life had changed
Was I coming back to London or going someplace else?
The answer seemed easy
But in reality proved impossible as I did my sums
I was staying as I had no means of escape
And that, quite frankly, made me sad

Not at the thought of missing my old friends
But at the lack of any thing I would miss
If I’d been lucky enough to make the escape
Here is hard when you’re down on your luck
Like me and countless others in this town
Of cool which I could never wish to be a part of
Not at my age, not looking a mess

It all went wrong that miserable day
And I’ll never forgive the idea that I thought
It would be so easy to
Just pack up and go with nothing to miss
And plenty of old places and faces to catch up with
As if I’d never left at all
But I have and I shall remain here until I’ve had enough

I’m going to leave on my own terms
Not be hounded out by some crazy types
Who masquerade as my friend
Just for someone to hang out with and
Talk shit with but never truly comprehends
So in respect I have to get rid
And make a new start in this old town
Starting with new friends; good friends I hope

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