Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, March 27, 2014

child of the sun

by Linda M. Crate

got lost in a sunset
of crimson and gold
whose oranges
kissed me with lips
as rosemary as
my own, and i
tripped over
your indigo eyes
fell into the
ivory of your pristine fangs

your clouds kissing me
with so much
emotion i thought i had
left buried on
some distant shore
yet the mermaids in your
eyes told me you had
died, and i didn't heed their
warning cryptic and
cold as the moon beams
dancing in your hair;

so when you killed me i guess
i had no one but myself
to blame;
but i thought i'd swim forever
in the ocean of your eyes
when i was really
meant to splash in the waves of
crimson freckled skies,
and i've hurt so hard and so long
but i'm finally back where
i'm meant to be
dancing without shadow in the
sun forever and ever.

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