Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, May 19, 2013

His Big Day

by Michelle D’costa

I wore his tuxedo
The one that smelled of aftershave
And he wore my gown
The one I had been knitting
in my mother’s womb
With strands
of my yet unborn hair

He wanted to be my bride
On the Big Day
I was more than pleased
A cake walk it would be
In my stilettos
I assured him

As he clumsily walked
down the aisle
With his father,
His waxed hand
And so did his
veiled head
with drops of claustrophobia
drippingfrom his tiara
like Christ’s crown of thorns,
weighing down on his ego

He noticed that my tuxedo
Looked ill- fitting
Hiding my curves
But no one cared
All eyes were on him
And he took pride in his gown

He realised he had to look his best
As he was the bride
His eyes asked me if his make-up was fine?

My lack of response
made him nervous
And he smoothened out
A crease on his gown
That he thought existed

I noticed his father
Was embarrassed at his son’s decision
To succumb to me (his would-be wife)

He thought the role reversal
Was my idea
His son couldn’t be that stupid!

I waited anxiously
For his father to escort his son’s heart
And mind and body and soul
To my will

Before the vows
Could be exchanged
My groom or rather bride
missed his father already
unable to progress without directions
And wondered of his belly
Too heavy
Possibly nine months later
Having no choice but to
Take pride
in its size
But also hide
the stretch marks
For my sake

I couldn’t hide my excitement
Of him changing his identity
With my name

He tripped over his gown
And I read his mind
“I’m sorry, I thought it would be fun,
I need my tux back,Your gown ruined everything,
Your gown ruined myBig Day,
Waxing is torture! Stilettos stab!
Did you sow this idea of role reversal in me?
You must have!
I would have never come up with
Such a ridiculous idea!
Let’s pretend this never happened
You can make it up to me
For the rest of your life
By being my bride”


  1. Blunt piece awakening to many truths and realities that we pretend are norms but, in actuality, are forms of oppression.

    A job well done!

    Sheikha A.

  2. Excellent great piece

  3. Each line Framed carefully.........that reached my mind and heart. mission accomplished.

  4. Good work Michelle... A piece of reality... Being a bride is no easy job.... dedicating your life for husband and kids and vice-versa.... Every role has its own responsibility to handle... No easy way out...