Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Friday, May 24, 2013


by Paul Leon Samuels
Bricks and mortar, beams and trusses, nails and screws, wood and sheetrock, paint and plaster, chandeliers and painted glass

A building, but not an ordinary one. A single large room, glowing white, long sleek seats, and a balcony above

A gathering place for people with a purpose, not a grand theatre with actors on the screen, but rather a stage, with sacred performers for an audience of One

G-d looks down, a smile of pleasure on His face. “It's Shabbat,” He says to an audience of Angels. “See, My people remember. They gather before Me again. It's not quite time but now they gather and settle in. Look, the children laugh and play in the pews, the mothers greet and smile, all understanding each other's process to settle the children down.”

“They are here, from newborn to almost with Me, a simple chant, a call to the Shema, I love their song. I love their prayers, the prayers of my people. Yes My chosen ones remembering Me!”

“See the scrolls how carefully they handle them, as if they were carrying Me in their arms, I feel their love, their commitment –it's so good. And each week on Shabbat it does not get old.”

“The prayers, the silent sitting in My presence, the cares of the week slipping away as they enter My rest. They need this- I love giving it to them-My rest. My people-My chosen people. The scrolls come down the aisle back to shelter. My people reach out and kiss and carefully, softly touch. They don't know I feel the kisses and relish their touch. Final smiles-prayers and praises.”

“Hugs and chatter, now 'good Shabbats' all around. Yes, it is good and now food will follow. Their spirits are calm, their appetites awake. My people are in My rest…Good Shabbat”

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