Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tami Miami

by Robert Vaughan

Tami Miami I’m not over Sammy but neither are you
You know you entrance me and yet don’t romance me
it’s making me puke, Kohler 892
Tami Miami I’m hitting my zenith of tears for the year
I’m smitten, my kitten, so throw down the mittens. You’ve vanished I fear-
it makes me suck beer
I know you’re a shut-in, but please let me come in. Tami, that’s just a ruse
Do not toy, ploy or trick with my heart, way too easy to bruise
Tami Miami I’m no Marco Beltrami I don’t know the score
Have I disturbed you, or is there a boy who
well, he’s just a whore
we made out before
But I want you more


  1. Funny clever little poem that got me laughing outloud. I applaud you Robert for taking on a rhyming poem! I love this little Tami Miami..