Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Drunk

by Damion Hamilton

Man I was high on vodka and orange juice, when
I roamed the streets,
But while roaming, there was this
Dude who stood out to me
He was short, skinny, light skinned
And black.
He had this game that he said and did
Instead of begging for money, “he would
Say shoot me a dolla.”
He demanded that shit, and said he was some kind
Of sergeant in the army.
“Shoot me a dolla, “ he would say real hard and firm.
I’ll say I didn’t have one,
But I can be a sucka for a panhandler, I always feel
You must be really desperate do that shit.
This street kid, let me know that he would asked people
For money, so that he could go down to the liquor store
And get Country Club Vodka, which is the worst kind of
Vodka I have ever tasted!
He hit me up all the time, and I would try to let him down
Easy, by telling him, that I worked in a warehouse and didn’t
Have money to give to somebody for nothing.
He told me, “give me the money, or quit cryin u bitch
Ass nigga. If u don’ got it, just say so!”
He was just a little guy, and I could have easily beat him
Or killed him possibly. But that insult only made
Me laugh.
Then I realized that there are people in this world
Who do not care if they lived or died
And he was one of those people
A little desperate man, who was not afraid
To take a beating or meet his death, for cheap
Bottle of the worst tasting vodka, you could
Think of

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