Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Friday, March 4, 2011

(on the Christchurch earthquake)

by Rachel Fenton

The building
was grey, was the only thing making sense.

A spire
that had stood one hundred and forty years

fell in
a single second of the blackest day.

God's house,
wore its own mourning to drop to its knees;

doesn't point
a finger. Belief: second to nature

and children
go on swinging metal bats at empty

air whilst
balls, neon bright, go flaring by sucking

nothing in
their jet stream and behind, a row of cars,

open windowed,
play out the headlines on their radios.


  1. Stunning poem, Rachel. So sad.

    I'm here via Rachel's blog without a camel, merely a vice and love of poetry and prose that has a poetic resonance.

    Thanks for hosting these words here.

  2. hi, i'm dropping in on a link and wish from rachel's blog. the subject of the fragility of our place here in this world has come up with my students each day since christchurch was felled. i'll share this poem with them on monday - it holds so much in its braided self. steven

  3. Hard to read, Rachel, but I'm very glad I did.

  4. Elisabeth, JoAnne, Steven - thank you, your comments mean such a lot.

  5. Superb, Rachel. Stark, powerful and beautifully written.

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