Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Boy with Feather Eyelashes

by Jillian Briglia

The little girl noticed the little boy with feather eyelashes at school.
When it rained, his hair was black as a raven’s back, his eyes were bright coal, & his coat began to leave white down trailing around the playground.
When it shined, she noticed his stuttering voice, sweetened by the spring, come quick come quick come quick Elizabeth
During class she watched him scratch little black v’s in the margins of his notebook, following his eyes out the long windows.
During recess they would perch on the logs and count the number of crows on the telephone wire.
When he runs, he is falling upwards, she wrote in her secret notebook.
Once he chased a wild crow into the woods
and never came back.

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